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The Snowcone Team loves to spread joy and happiness just like Snowcone and what better way to do that than to make our customers super happy, so they too will help spread kindness and love to all!

Snowcone The Happy Unicorn was created with a special mission and that's to spread joy and happiness through positive messages!

We are always working on new Snowcone products and would love to hear what you would like to see us create!  Snowcone products are extra special because of the love and detail that go into each and every one.  Even the Snowcone plush was designed with extra special touches like the designer zipper pocket, so you can hide something magical inside.

Snowcone's proud mama and creator wanted to create a fun and inspiring way for kids everywhere to feel confidence starting at a young age, so they can be empowered to follow their dreams and know how brilliant they truly are!

What better way to do that than with a Unicorn with a Special Mission to spread love and kindness to all.  Snowcone has a super big unicorn heart, a magical heart full of love that she is so excited to share with everyone!

Snowcone's super power is love!  What is yours??


Did you know that Snowcone has a special story?

Snowcone the Happy Unicorn was created to spread joy and happiness through positive messages like “Follow Your Dreams Always” and “Shine Bright”! Snowcone’s mission is important, so little kids everywhere can be inspired to feel confidence, love, and kindness starting at a young age!  Will you help Snowcone share her mission to spread kindness to all?  There is magical power in positivity, so let’s start today with an act of kindness!🦄 🌟 🌈 💖

Click here to read Snowcone's Story!

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