"Follow Your Dreams Always" is one of Snowcone's most favorite messages and now you can have this message on your very own Snowcone Mini Poster!


Keep inspired to "Follow Your Dreams Always" with this 9x12 velvety soft mini poster with Snowcone's message on the front and Snowcone's special story on the back!


This mini poster is a sure way to keep a smile on your face because it is a reminder of how extra special you are and an inspiration to follow what's in your heart!

Snowcone Positive Message Mini Poster - Follow Your Dreams Always!

  • ♥ Hang this positive Snowcone Mini Poster, full of inspirations and look at it every day to inspire you to "Follow Your Dreams Always" because Snowcone believes in you!
    ♥ Comes with one 9x12 Mini Poster.
    ♥ Two-sided and printed on velvety super soft paper.
    ♥ Front side: Snowcone's positive message, "Follow Your Dreams Always" and Be Kind, Be Loving, Be Brave, Be Joyful, Be Sweet, Be You!
    ♥ Back side: Snowcone's special inspirational story that will encourage kids to believe in themselves and embrace that their differences are what make them extra special, just like Snowcone!