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Snowone The Happy Unicorn Wholesale Starter Package Includes:

- 7 Zipper Plush w/ Premium Surprise

- 12 Dream Bracelets

- 12 Acrylic Pins (6 “Snowcone” Pins / 6 “Be Kind” Pins)

- 6 Super Stickers

- 6 Mini Posters

- 40 Snowcone Coloring Pages with “Be Kind” Stickers as Giveaways for your customers

- 20 Sticker Sheets as Giveaways for your customers

- Table Cover and Display Box

- Shipping


Total: $494 for each store x 2 = $988

Wholesale Order - Pigtails & Crewcuts

Sold Out!
  • Snowcone is so excited to make her debut at Pigtails and Crewcuts and can't wait to be adopted by your customers!


    Thank you for welcoming Snowcone!  We hope your customers love her and support her special mission to spread love and kindness to all!


    Your customers can download Snowcone's free adoption certificate at to make it official!  They can also download free coloring pages, fun unicorn games, and read Snowcone's Story!


    P.S. They can even braid Snowcone's flowing hair!

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