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Ready to send Snowcone your creative masterpiece?
Upload Your Artwork from your Surprise Goodie Bag!

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Thank you for submitting! :)


Snowcone would love to see your creativity at work! Upload your Surprise Goodie Bag artwork and watch for your masterpiece to be posted online!

*By uploading my artwork, I consent to having it posted online on the Snowcone website, social media pages, or other Snowcone platforms in addition to the possibility of being used in marketing and advertising efforts to help spread love and kindness just like Snowcone.


Snowcone Loves to Spread Kindness

Snowcone loves to spread's her favorite thing to do! 


Snowcone has a special mission and that's to spread love and kindness wherever she goes!  You can help Snowcone on this mission by doing acts of kindness everyday.  It doesn't take much, just a big smile or hug can brighten someone's day. 


Snowcone loves to be kind because it makes her little unicorn heart feel soooo good and she wants you to feel that same warm and fuzzy feeling!  We can all be kind and show others kindness just like Snowone!

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